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Community Development

Community Support

Investing in community based projects such as building schools, providing educational materials, building health care facilities, clinging water wells to local Communities. You can be part of our community and make a lasting contribution

Types of Volunteer work

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HIV/AIDS education and counseling:

As in many other African countries, there is a severe and widespread HIV/AIDS epidemic in Tanzania. HIV/AIDS is a serious challenge and if left uncontrolled, complications will continue to arise. Many hospitals, clinics and local NGO’s facilitate HIV/AIDS testing, counseling and awareness campaigns. Collaboration with local groups and organizations helps foster awareness amongst local communities, help prevent infection and loss of life, and improve the lives of those already infected. As a volunteer at a Tanzanian HIV/AIDS project you can support the ongoing efforts to stop the spread of HIV.

You can help with counseling at the HIV/AIDS department one of the four public medical centers in Arusha we partner with. These are Mt Meru hospital, Levolosi hospital , St Elizabeth hospital and Kaloleni hospital. You can also help at St. Lucia Nursing Home and Orphanage. This orphanage was started as an adult hospice for those dying of the AIDS virus soon became an orphanage for HIV positive children. Hospice patients came with children and once deceased, the children stayed because they had no other place to live.


If you are looking for valuable hands-on medical experience, a medical internship in Tanzania is a great opportunity. Our Internship program presents benefits beyond just professional development; it offers the opportunity to be completely immersed in the local culture and work environment. We work together with four different hospitals within the area of Arusha. These are Mt. Meru Hospital, Levolosi hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital and Kaloleni Hospital. So there are many different departments where you can work. We welcome interns with all different medical backgrounds: i.e. in medicine, nursing, dentistry, midwifery or physiotherapy. Under the guidance of the local doctors and care takers, volunteers will take over various tasks, such as patient care and assistance with operations. An individual work plan is created for all interns and volunteers outlining tasks and ensuring optimal care is given. The goal of the program is to provide care to impovered people in Tanzania and to improve their future prospects. But also to provide you with an in-depth understanding of Tanzanian healthcare and a valuable hands-on experience in the medical subject of your choice. This by learning directly from local experts within your field.

Teaching at Local School:

Volunteers on the teaching project work in government schools or orphanage schools, at nursery or at primary level. The presence of volunteers is beneficial in opening the minds and broadening the horizons of the students. One important goal is to help the children with learning English, as English is a language that gives the children more chance of future employment and a chance to let them work themselves out of poverty. Focus in Africa works with multiple schools around Arusha. Most of them are in rural areas and are in high shortage of funding as well as staff members. As a volunteer you are highly appreciated and you will make a large difference to the children’s lives. Children in Tanzania love to attend school, often starting as young as 3 years old, and wherever possible, children hope to stay in school until at least 14 years old, as education is highly valued in Tanzanian society. As a teaching volunteer you either work by yourself or you will work alongside with local teachers and other volunteers.

Women’s Development:

We are working with local women’s groups who have come together to support and empower each other. These groups of women are often widowed due to HIV/AIDS virus, HIV positive themselves, or looking after the children of deceased relatives. Without education and guidance, these women end up serving their husbands or struggling to provide as a single parent. Volunteers in this project are needed to provide education, help prepare proposals for microfinance projects to assist women in becoming self sufficient, and also support local orphans not necessarily in the form of money but helping them with access to free education, and raising awareness of important health issues.

Reviews From Customers

Making unforgettable adventures

Jin Tao
Huge Thank You!
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We climbed Kilimanjaro with Focus in Africa. Our lead guide was Babaluu. He and his team were awesome. We received the best customer care and were able to make it to the summit. We could not have done it with all 22 of the porters/guides. Thank you.
Eleanor Washburne
Lovely Experience
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Living with and teaching the kids at Good Hope Orphanage, counseling HIV/AIDS victims, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and going on safari: all of this was made possible thanks to the impeccable planning and guidance provided by Communities and Adventures.
Scot Fraser
Highly Recommended
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I can highly recommend Communities and Adventures for your climb of Kilimanjaro. Nelson Mbise made sure I had everything for the climb and made the whole trip a success. Stay away from the big overpriced companies and set yourself up with a great non-profit organization.
Excellent experience
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My hubby and I spent had a great experience with Communities and Adventures. We only have positive things to say about Communities and Adventures. Everything ran smoothly, from the being picked up at the airport at 1:30AM when we arrived to both the Kili Climb and the Safari.

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